Accompanied by the Ohio Symphonic Orchestra, Sandy and her Choir were fabulous!!!

We are so proud of you!!!

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Claire is SO PROUD to announce that her cousin Sandy Mix will be singing in CARNAGIE HALL with the Ohio Philharmonic Symphony!!! Claire will be in Denver at the time of the concert and won’t be able to see Sandy, but she is very excited for her.

Sandy, an accomplished pianist, and vocalist, is also part of the research team for Gila River and Mama. “She is an exceptional, charismatic person”, Claire says. GO MIXS!!!

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Israel b-day celebration

i attended Israel b-day celebration at the west steps 2day. WOW! i met my Jewish posse there and we roamed through the thousands having succh fun. all of us cried like babies after singing Israeli anthem. i met 2 Israeli soldiers, SO COOL! Next to American military, Israel kicks major tush…hehehe. Palastinian protesters showed up…oy…that story later.

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