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Article at Modesto Bee

Published today at the Modesto Bee web site:


During World War II, young Ruth Mix volunteered as a nurse at the Gila River Japanese internment camp in Arizona. Breaking camp rules that prohibited fraternizing with the internees, Mix befriended many of them and smuggled in items ranging from soaps and lotions to camera film, the latter of which was considered contraband.

She was only 15 at the time and the only white person working in the hospital. She saw a great injustice being done to these American citizens of Japanese ancestry, and tried to make their lives a bit better.

Her daughter, Claire Mix of Sacramento, and niece Sandy Mix of San Francisco, recently received a grant to develop a documentary about her time and role in the camp. Many of the JapaneseAmericans, Claire Mix said, came from the Central Valley and the Modesto area in particular. She is looking for former internees who might have known her mother. Some might not recall Mix by name but might remember her for her shocking red hair. Mix hopes to find people to interview for the documentary, which she would like to finish by July.

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