Gila River and Mama: the first reenactment shoot


The first day of filming the reenactments went 11 hours, and was a smashing success!!!

There were a lot of emotions as each scene played out. Claire was brought to tears when she saw Clara Mello dressed as her teenage Mother, Ruth Mix, and Lisa Clement dressed as her Grandmother Frida Mix. BJ Santucci was brilliant as the Caucasian Doctor, opposite the very funny Dennis Wong. Josephine Phung’s father, Mihn, was set photographer, and we are so grateful for his time.

When Mari Jacobson’s Grandfather came on set, (who is a former internee at Jerome), the cast and crew gave him a thunderous respectful applause.

Delta Mello is to be applauded for her exquisite costume work, and props – pure perfection.

Together, Director of Photography, Ben Ferrer and Director Clare Mix, brought to life an authentic vision of 1942. Japanese Cultural Consultant, Akemi Wong, polished each scene to a high-shine.

Special thanks to KCRA 3 News, Josephine (Jo-Jo) and Jennifer (sweet-girl), Nathan, William, Akemi, Kabu, Alisha, Mari, AJ, Lamar, KIM, Heddy, Kelly Bitz AND Charles Class.


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Documentary to Tell Story of Mother and Daughter Who Helped Internees

Published at yesterday:

SACRAMENTO — Claire Mix, an elementary school music teacher and choral director in Elk Grove, is producing a documentary about her mother’s experience working in an internment camp for Japanese Americans during World War II.

In the fall of 1942, Ruth Mix began volunteering on weekends as a nurse’s aide at Butte Camp Hospital at Gila River Relocation Center in Arizona. During the summer months, she volunteered full-time and lived onsite in a barrack with her mother.

Ruth’s mother, Frida Mix, was employed as a school teacher for the Japanese American children. Frida was incensed by the internment and gave up a teaching position in Washington to help make life more bearable at Gila River. “We must make right a terrible wrong,” Frida told Ruth as they rode a military bus into the prison camp for Ruth’s first day at the hospital.

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Franklin High School’s Asian Invasion Club

Claire Mix met with Franklin High School’s Asian Invasion Club today. This wonderful group of teens will be starring in the reenactments for the documentary. Special thanks to Tiffany Phan (back row, 3rd from the left) for organizing this meeting.

Claire, and the entire Gila River and Mama staff, are very excited to have them as part of the team!!! Claire wonders just how much mischievousness she, Jo-Jo and Jennifer will create on the first day of filming…watch out!