KCRA’s “Common Ground” segment on the making of this documentary is available on Gila River site

We have just posted a copy of the Sacramento station KCRA’s “Comon Ground” segment about the Making of the Gila River documentary, which aired Sept. 22nd.

The video can be viewed online at

Feb. 6th shoot wrap up

February 6th marked another successful day of shooting for the documentary.

Cast and crew worked together from 8AM to 8PM without one complaint. Kudos to Clara Mello and Talon Akira for freezing their toes off with a smile on that cold, wet morning shoot.

The elementary school children were remarkable and again brought Claire to tears when she saw them dressed in 1940 clothing. Claire was most impressed with the Franklin High School teenagers and how quickly they picked up the ability to swing dance. Again Sweet Girl, Jo-Jo, and Claire created fun mischief.

High schooler Josephine Phung was named director for one take, she did an impressive job.

And a big congratulations to Delta Mello for her exquisite costumes, and her artistic designing for the sets and props.

Special thanks to B.J. Santucci, J.D. Warrick, Akemi Wong, Peter Lao, Diane Steiner, and a big huge thank you to Joseph Sims Elementary School for allowing us to use their facility.

We appreicate KCRA Channel 3 news for their showing up for a feature news presentation.

Hats off to Ben Ferrer (Director of Photography), Lamar Cox, Colin, and Executive Producer Charles Class.


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