Claire Mix’s documentary entitled “Gila River and Mama: The Ruth Mix Story”, which focuses on her mother and grandmother’s experience in a Japanese-American internment camp, will be completed by the end of December 2009. The premiere will be on or around February 19, which is the Day of Remembrance. Please check back to the blog for any further changes or updates.


Because of the positive reception of “The Barnsley Nightingale”, Claire is in the process of finishing another KidVid Digital entitled “Grampa’s Chair”. This video features the song Claire wrote about her father and how all of her students loved to play in his electric wheelchair. Featured soloist is Sean Warrick. Music arranged by his father, J.D. Warrick. You can hear more of J.D.’s musical arrangements at

Claire is in the preliminary stages of illustrating her children’s book entitled “Polly Sue Potts and her Magnificent Kite Flight”. This KidVid Digital is of a larger scale production and will be available to view in Spring 2010. It will be narrated by Delta Pick Mello, colorization by Chris Winner, and musical arrangements by J.D. Warrick and Jeremy Johnson. To see a preview of this up and coming project, head to the and click on Coming Attractions.