A Crossroad Called Manzanar

Claire Mix’s friend, Alice Kim, a film director in Los Angeles, is currently in production for a film about internment.

It focuses on two best friends, Penny Chan (Chinese) and Aya Matsui (Japanese), spending their final moments together, not realizing their lives will soon be forever changed by the Japanese internment.

Claire Mix and Solo Films wishes Alice Kim, her cast and crew all the best and great success.

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Foulks Ranch Holiday Performance (12/18/09)



Our Foulks Ranch Elementary performance was at 6:30pm on Friday December 18, 2009.
We all had a great time!

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Stone Lake Performance (12/16/09)



Our Stone Lake Elementary performance was at 6:30pm on Tuesday December 15, 2009. We had a great time and the students were all wonderful. A big “Thank You” to Peggy Seko and Lou Ann Ghilain, Assistant Choral Directors, and to Stan Seko for making us all sound so good. And, of course, to all parents and the staff at Stone Lake for their support and encouragement.

Many thanks to Les Wong for permission to use his photos taken during performance of the song “Sakura”. The announcer was Olivia Fitts, and the soloist was Ayumi Wong. Featured in the photos: Natalie Seko, Ayumi Wong, Emily Seko.