The Gila River crew was in Los Angeles to film the first three interviews with former Gila Internees, Ben Tonooka, Hy Shishino, and Shige Murikama. It was an emotional experience for all. Claire cried the moment she met Shige Murikama, who was one of her Grandmother’s first grade students.

Ben, Hy and Claire were thrilled to finally meet each other, there was lot’s of hugging and smiling.

Executive Producer Charles Class, was the driving force that made the entire day a success. Because of his complete professionalism, and staying one step ahead of a problem, made everyones job easier – especially Claire’s.

Director of Photography, Ben Ferrer, was brilliant! Claire looks forward to shooting the reenactments with him. Special thanks to the Asst. DP, Lamar. Tamika, Donna, and Mitzi – and to Hy, for a great dinner!!!