Dear friends,

I am pleased to announce that I am the recipient of the CCLPEP California State Grant for my documentary “Gila River and Mama.”

Hayao Shishino, President of the Gila River Historical Committee, is actively working to gain more funds for this project, which he believes is of great historical importance.

My heart felt thanks to Gita Kaphai, and Delta Mello, for their long hours donated to write the grant. Big thanks to JD Warrick and his countless hours updating the website. Thank you to executive producer, Charles Class for my introduction TransVideo studios, and to Tanya Flint, for the many emails she’s typed for me (and will continue to type).

Production has already begun…

The Japanese American National Museum has invited me to attend their nation convention in early July. There, I will meet and interview many surviving internees. After that, myself, Hayao Shishino, Ben Tanooka, Charles Class (and a film crew), will be visiting the actual Gila River site and monument, in Arizona.

Thank you all for your consistent support and positive wishes. Without your encouragement and love this project would have remained on the shelf.

Claire Mix