Dear Ms. Mix,

Last Friday, I gave the keynote address at the University of California, San Francisco ceremony at which honorary degrees were bestowed on Nisei students whose education was interrupted because of the concentration camps. Because I mentioned your mother in my speech, I thought you might be interested in reading it.

I hope this email finds you as well as can be expected and that you are finding your work on documenting your mother’s kindness and courage exhilarating and deeply satisfying.

Pat Hayashi

What a wonderful, beautiful day!

I have the honor of speaking to the UC community on behalf of the Japanese American community.

I also have the honor of speaking to the Nisei who are being honored today on behalf of their children and grandchildren…

… At Gila River, 15-year-old Ruth Mix lied about her age, so she could help out in the camp hospital. There, she and other workers smuggled in medical supplies, sanitary napkins, clothing, shoes – anything to help.

You told us about their acts of kindness and courage. But you never talked about your own.

But, now your stories are being told…